Community Rules

Be supportive, friendly, respectful and welcoming to all users.

  • Be nice to each other.
  • Show respect for all community members, their beliefs, opinions and backgrounds. Please don't argue with other users about their beliefs or background. This is a safe place for everyone, whoever they are.
  • Come up with something original to say. Avoid spamming (posting the same thing over and over again) and please, no copying and pasting things you found without permission.
  • Star each other's posts if you like what they've posted, but don't ask for stars. If you make good posts, people will star them anyway!

Use clean language.

  • When it comes to the action in your stories and posts, make it suitable for all ages.
  • Please no cursing.
  • Don't use sexual language or hate speech.

Be safe online. This is the most important guideline.

  • You may tell other users: your first name, grade, state, age and gender.
  • You may not ask for or tell others: your last name, school, birthday, address, email, phone number, and IDs or usernames on other websites.
  • Don’t direct other users to other websites, post links, or share usernames from other sites.

Be nice to the mods. It's their job to keep you safe.

  • The autofilter is there to protect you. If it's not letting you say a certain word there's a good reason for it. Trying to communicate words that are blocked by the autofilter will result in a ban.
  • If you've been banned, take a break from the site. Trying to get around a ban will result in a more permanent ban.

Click "Report" on posts that break the rules.

Scholastic reserves the right to remove, or not display to others, any content which we feel is not right for our community. Remember, if you don't follow the guidelines above, your post may be deleted or you may be banned.

Our community is a fun, safe, supportive environment welcoming of all kids who love books, games, and adventure. Our guidelines make sure that we can create a safe space for everyone.